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총 6가지 세션으로 구성된 총 22개의 강연 동영상(한국어)
1. Learning to Rank
ㅤ- The Faimess-Utility Trade-off Problem
ㅤ- Neural Topic Models for Web Search
ㅤ- Optimizing Training Data in Learning to Rank
2. User Modeling
ㅤ- Fairness in Search & Recommender Systems
ㅤ- Classifying Web Documents by User Intent
ㅤ- Understanding POI: from Context to Embedding
3. eCommerce
ㅤ- AI-driven Shopping Search and Price Comparison for Billion-scale Products
ㅤ- Item2Item: Wider and Deeper Product Recommendation
ㅤ- Deep Local Search for Finding Hidden Meaning
ㅤ- Online Serving AD Relevance Model Using BERT
4. Platform
ㅤ- Search Engine and SRE Platform for Global Web Search System
ㅤ- Front-end Engineering for Building an Immersive Experience in Search
ㅤ- NAVER federated learning: Challenges and opportunities
ㅤ- NAVER Knowledge Graph Introduction
5. Vision
ㅤ- How to Improve Generalization in Visual Search
ㅤ- Creative Ways for Visual Search
ㅤ- StyleMapGAN: Exploiting Spatial Dimensions of Latent in GAN for Real-time Image Editing
ㅤ- Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving
6. Language AI
ㅤ- Knowledge Snippet: Direct Answer to a Search Query
ㅤ- Conversational AI with Big Generative LM
ㅤ- Meta-Learning for the low-resource domain
ㅤ- Search Applications with Big Generative LM

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