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- Advancing the Future of CI/CD & GitOps Together
- Closing the gap: OpenShift in a disconnected environment with GitOps
- GitOps practice at scale @Generali
- Shifting Policy Enforcement to the Left using GitOps
- Machine Learning with GitOps!
- The GitOps Journey
- Taking GitOps Automation to the Next Level
- GitOps as a means of distribution
- GitOpsify All The Things 🔨 - Tools, Apps, Even Your Organisation and Teams!
- Cloud-native Patterns - Ops Edition
- GitOps: The Essential Kubernetes Workflow
- Managing multiple clusters with GitOps and ClusterAPI

- GitOps 의 3가지 문제점 https://news.hada.io/topic?id=1835
- GitOps 툴 비교 : FluxCD vs ArgoCD vs Jenkins X https://news.hada.io/topic?id=2011

GitOps 에 대한 한글로 된 소개글
[1] GitOps-based CI/CD 파이프라인 https://medium.com/humanscape-tech/…
[2] 서버리스 시대에 GitOps를 통한 모던 CI/CD 파이프라인 구축 https://aws.amazon.com/ko/blogs/…

What is GitOps? 라는 질문이 먼저 떠오릅니다. :-)