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@scale은 대규모 환경을 대응하는 엔지니어들을 위해 분야별로 진행되는 기술 컨퍼런스
이번엔 Systems @Scale Remote Edition 으로 가상으로 컨퍼런스를 진행

- Asynchronous computing
- Scaling services with Shard Manager
- Containerizing Zookeeper: Powering container orchestration from within
- Fault tolerance through optimal workload placement
- Throughput Autoscaling: Dynamic sizing for facebook.com

페이스북 엔지니어링 블로그에 올라온 해당 영상들의 문서 버전입니다.

- Asynchronous computing: https://engineering.fb.com/production-engineering/async/
- Scaling services with Shard Manager: https://engineering.fb.com/production-engineering/…
- Containerizing ZooKeeper with Twine: https://engineering.fb.com/developer-tools/zookeeper-twine/
- Fault tolerance through optimal workload placement: https://engineering.fb.com/data-center-engineering/…
- Throughput autoscaling: https://engineering.fb.com/networking-traffic/throughput-autoscaling/

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