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1. 의사결정
Google: create what users think they want
Apple: create what they think users want

2. 연구 개발
Google: development over research
Apple: research over development

3. 일관성
Google: consistency focused on visual consistency
Apple: consistency focused on user experience

4. 제품 사전 공개
Google: press releases and teasers
Apple: none

5. 디자인 진화
Google: redesigns and new trends
Apple: evergreen, long-lasting design

6. 개인 정보 보호
Google: simulated privacy
Apple: true privacy

7. 사용자 층
Google: extensive coverage
Apple: limited coverage

8. 리더쉽
Google: flat structure with distributed power
Apple: hierarchical structure with centralized power

9. 에코시스템
Google: open-source
Apple: proprietary

10. Go-To-Market 전략(UI)
Google: spotlight and promotions
Apple: retain existing structure