Hacker News 의견

Here are the key points from the Hacker News comments, summarized in a bullet list format:

Asteroseismology simulation at university:

  • A commenter shared their experience of running a Jupiter simulation during university, where a comet hit the planet, and the observations were used in asteroseismology models to study Jupiter's interior.

Praise for the article's explanations and visuals:

  • Several commenters expressed their joy and appreciation for the well-written explanations and stunning visuals in the article.

Suggestions for extending the method:

  • A commenter wondered about other potential uses of the technique, such as:
    • Coupling different shapes to create large-scale transitions like a large vortex following a sigmoid over other zones.
    • Subtle ways to make the visuals follow the envelope of an audio background.

Author's response to feedback:

  • The article's author thanked the Hacker News community for sharing the article and providing feedback.
  • They took note of the suggestions, particularly regarding contrast and UX issues, and welcomed further feedback.

Related work on simulating Jupiter's bands:

  • A commenter shared their own experiment using fluids in Maya to create a closeup of Jupiter's bands while working at a planetarium.

Questions about the technical implementation:

  • A commenter wondered if there's a direct way to save Unreal Engine 4 material shaders to Shadertoy or an easy conversion tool, given the examples were displayed in Shadertoy embeds.

Praise for the site's performance and mobile readability:

  • Despite the visual complexity, the site was praised for its performance, visual appeal, and excellent readability on mobile devices.

Appreciation for the immersive visuals and other articles on the site:

  • Commenters expressed their awe at the immersive visuals, with one jokingly saying they could almost feel the drops in their hair.
  • The other articles on the site were also praised as fascinating and a treasure trove of content.

Performance concerns:

  • One commenter noted the low frame rate of 0.3 fps, hinting at potential performance issues.