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  • 10분/1시간/2시간/8시간 등 다양한 길이의 강좌들이 있음
  • Self-Paced Courses 에는 유료/무료가 섞여있는데, 이쪽에도 무료 강좌들 괜찮은게 별도로 있음

무료 강좌

  • Generative AI Explained
  • Building a Brain in 10 Minutes
  • An Even Easier Introduction to CUDA
  • Essentials of Developing Omniverse Kit Applications
  • Building Video AI Applications at the Edge on Jetson Nano
  • Assemble a Simple Robot in Isaac Sim
  • Build Beautiful, Custom UI for 3D Tools on NVIDIA Omniverse
  • Develop, Customize, and Publish in Omniverse With Extensions
  • Disaster Risk Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery
  • Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano
  • Getting Started with USD for Collaborative 3D Workflows
  • Easily Develop Advanced 3D Layout Tools on NVIDIA Omniverse
  • Getting Started with DOCA Flow
  • How to Build Custom 3D Scene Manipulator Tools on NVIDIA Omniverse
  • Digital Fingerprinting with MorpheusTM
  • Introduction to DOCA for DPUs

Self-Paced Courses의 무료 강좌들

  • Building RAG Agents for LLMs
  • Augmenting LLMs using Retrieval Augmented Generation
  • Accelerate Data Science Workflows with Zero Code Changes